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Cassette Tape Name Place Holders

A great wedding favour idea.

These place name holders for lovers of retro or musically themed weddings make great table decorations and can also double up as favours as the two cassettes used in each holder are fully working C90 blanks (45 minutes of audio on each side), so guests can then unscrew them and use the cassettes as working tapes for their own music afterwards.

The name place holders are available with 32 different colours of cassette tapes that are colour customisable by yourself (the colours can be mixed and matched to suit your own theme, with two different colours in each holder if you like). The holders are made with high quality stainless steel fittings.

Each cassette tape name place holder measures approximately 10cm wide, 6.5cm high and 3.5cm deep. The card channel depth is 4.9cm, so the bottom 4.9cm of card will be hidden between the tapes. The width of card that can be inserted between the tapes is about 3mm.

Please note that the printed cards to insert into the holders are not supplied.

Turnaround time: about 2-3 working days

Pictures of all of the different cassette colours can be seen in the gallery at the base of this page.

Quantity Price per holder
1 £4.49+VAT
10 £4.27+VAT
25 £4.04+VAT
50 £3.82+VAT
100 £3.55+VAT

These holders can also be ordered online through our Retro Media Store >

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