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Vinyl Wedding CDs in Pre-Designed Templates

Our designers will help to create your personalised wedding discs and wallets for you

If you need assistance with designing your wedding favours and invitations then we can help with a range of designs that you can pick from with a large range of different stocks and colours.  They use our vinyl-style CDs that look like old records with raised ridges and grooves on the top side and are then supplied in record-style printed card wallets on either stunning metallic stocks (using the Curious Metallics range of premium card stocks), rougher and more natural recycled stocks or standard matt or gloss white stocks. The metallic stocks are highly recommended and look amazing when finished. The vinyl CDs even have matching colour bases (apart from the white and gold vinyl discs – please see below).

Simply view the different designs and colours below and then select the appropriate options in the form at the base if you wish to proceed, we can even use the front cover from one design and the rear from another if you would like to mix and match. The disc label colours can be whatever you like, although unfortunately cannot match the glitter outer wallets as that effect is only available with the card used for the wallets. You will obviously need to provide us with your own unique details that you would like added to the discs and wallets such as your names, the location, time and date, however as it is a customised service from our own graphic designers, we can also make further minor amends or add other messages or personalisation if you wish.

You can view our different options below and please then enter your selections and customised details in the form at the base of the page so that we can put together your own artwork proof and email it over to you.

Turnaround time: about 5-6 working days from receipt of artwork (and audio contents if being added)

Pick a wallet and disc design

Eat Drink and be Married


Tying The Knot


Dinner Jacket and Wedding Dress






Up The Hill (with your own photo)


Pick a card wallet colour

Metallic cardstocks




Super Gold

Gold Leaf

Antique Gold





Red Laquer




White Gold

Ice Gold

Ice Silver

Standard & Recycled cardstocks

(Matt or Gloss)


Brown Manila

Vinyl CD Colours Available








Our custom designed vinyl wedding CDs with artwork assistance and printing on the wallets and the discs cost as follows:

Quantity Price per copy with audio contents added Price per copy left blank for you to burn
25 £5.49+VAT £5.39+VAT
50 £4.17+VAT £4.07+VAT
100 £2.74+VAT £2.64+VAT
200 £2.19+VAT £2.09+VAT

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  • (e.g. your names, date of wedding, time of wedding, location, any other text or graphical changes such as fonts or colours that you would like us to make to your chosen design, particularly if being used as favours rather than invitations)
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Cellophane wrapping the CD wallets

If you would like your vinyl CDs supplied in cellophane wraps for a glossy protective finish then please add £0.08+VAT per disc.

CD wallet mailers

cd_wallet_card_mailer_2If you are creating wedding invitations and will be mailing them out then you may wish to consider our high quality CD mailer wallets that are available in either translucent tracing papers (in white, baby pink, baby blue, blue, turquoise, green, pink, orange and yellow), brown Manila or a rigid white cardboard.

The white cardboard CD mailers are 140mm x 135mm in size once sealed and have a 45mm peel and seal flap and are only a few millimetres deep, allowing them to also be sent as a standard letter size with the Royal Mail, saving postage costs over a Jiffy or bubble envelope that often have to be sent as large letters.

The translucent tracing paper wallets are thinner than the rigid white mailers at 100gsm, however they offer a very unique type of mailer that offer a semi-transparent view as to what may be inside. The brown Manila wallets are also 100gsm, match our Manila card stock very closely and are 100% recycled if you are looking for an e environmentally friendly option. Both the tracing paper and brown Manila wallets are available in the 135mm x 135mm size and have peal and seal flaps to close the wallets.

These mailers are ideal for use with our vinyl CDs in the record style card wallets as they fit perfectly and cost just £0.19+VAT each for the white cardboard, £0.49+VAT for the brown Manila or £0.59+VAT for any of the tracing paper colours if you wish to add any with your order.

The tracing paper mailers can also just be used as unusual finishes to encapsulate discs in wallets when handing them out or presenting them on tables for example.